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Dog Pro, Inc. is a full service dog training company serving Temecula, Murrieta and San Diego County.  Dog Pro specializes in private training for obedience, problem solving/behavior modification and personal protection.  Dog Pro training programs don’t simply focus on the dog, rather we are experts at training owners and developing their abilities as trainers.  Programs for K-9 Search and Rescue, K-9 Law Enforcement and gundog training are also available.

As the owner of Dog Pro, Inc. Tim Church personally conducts all dog training courses.  Tim has been training dogs professionally for 20 years and has trained more than 3,500 dogs.  There are few trainers with the dog knowledge, natural rapport and instincts that Tim possesses.  His ability to “read” dogs and effectively communicate with their owners has allowed his clients to have tremendous results in training their dogs and solving behavior problems.  Tim specializes in turning owners into the very best trainers of their dogs and in being able to eliminate behavior problems through highly-effective, customized obedience programs.

In addition to obedience training, problem solving, and personal protection training, Tim has extensive experience as a consultant and trainer for state and county law enforcement K-9 teams, as well as the United States Naval Working Dog Program.  Tim was contacted by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff Department in Maryland, and asked to improve the controlled aggression and tracking performance of their K9 teams.  During his time in Maryland Tim also co-founded the K9 Search and Rescue of Southern Maryland and trained the K9 search teams for the group.

Tim is passionate about improving the quality of life for dogs and their owners through training.  Every dog and owner are unique and require a training program that is customized to their personalities in order for them to reach their maximum potential.  If you’re serious about having a well-trained, well-behaved dog call today and request a free evaluation.  If you’d like to learn more about how Dog Pro can help you with your dog or would like to schedule a free no obligation consultation you can reach Tim at 951-501-9244 or via email at dogproinc@gmail.com.

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