Temecula Dog Trainer Is Fanatically Humane

Temecula Dog Trainer

Knowing the K9 Mind - Temecula Dog Trainer - Dog Pro

Temecula dog trainer knows the K9 Mind!

Tim Church is definitely a fanatic. He freely admits it, and it becomes apparent as he talks about the complex psychological techniques he uses to train dogs. You might call him the “dog whisperer”, “dog guru” or “dog psychologist” of the Temecula Valley. While the Temecula resident admits his fanaticism towards dog he explains that, “For me the most important thing is developing the relationship between the dog and their owner through effective dog training. That’s the number one priority for me.”
An online advertisement listed under “Temecula Dog Trainer” claims that Tim can solve simple to serious dog problems such as house breaking, chewing, digging, aggression towards people or other dogs, running away, excessive barking and leash-pulling. All claims are true.

As potential a customer, you can have Dog Pro’s trainer come to your house and perform an evaluation of your dog. Dog Pro offers private dog training services to residents of Temecula, Murrieta and San Diego. The evaluation is free and carries with it no obligation. You’ll have a chance to meet Tim, a focused and very knowledgeable professional trainer who produces amazingly well-behaved dogs. The thing that makes Tim different from other Temecula area dog trainers is that for him training the owner to become the very best trainer for their particular dog is the most important element of the program.

As Tim puts it, “Most trainers talk about how important it is to train the owner. But when they’re finished you still have an owner who has very little knowledge of canine behavior and possesses very little practical training skills. Even on the popular dog training reality shows the dog owners showcased exhibit very little ability to actually handle their dog. Even to the extent that their lack of skill and knowledge puts them on the wrong end of their own dog’s teeth.”

Dog owners in Temecula and Murrieta who have used Dog Pro’s services not only come away with knowledge, skills and an obedient dog, but also with a great deal of confidence in their ability to lead their dog. According to Tim this newly developed confidence has a big impact on his clients continued success, “When I see my clients confidently working their dogs, picking up on subtle forms of canine communication and being able to anticipate their behavior, I know that they’ve become the best trainers for their dogs. It’s all based upon the relationship they have with their dog. So, when I add knowledge and skill to their already strong bond, they actually do become the best possible trainer for their dog.”

In addition to training dogs in obedience and solving behavior problems, Tim specializes in developing the most reliable and effective protection dogs available. A program called the Elite Guardian Protection Dog System turns friendly and obedient family dogs into finely tuned personal protection dogs. Contrary to the commonly held misconceptions, these personal protection dogs are not vicious animals looking for someone to tear apart. Instead, they are the same friendly, lovable family dog but with the ability to psychologically and physically protect their family. In fact, unless you tried to harm a member of the family you’d probably never know these dogs were trained for controlled aggression.

“If you want to get the best out of your dog, and you’re willing to put in the effort, I can help you,” said Tim. Whatever your needs, whatever the age of your dog, Tim is happy to make your relationship with your dog better. There is a greater need for the services Dog Pro offers than ever before. Fortunately Temecula, Murrieta and San Diego dog owners have a trainer who offers real answers and real solutions.

For a free in home evaluation, or to get more information, call Dog Pro at 951-501-9244 or visit them online at http://www.dogproinc.com.


One comment on “Temecula Dog Trainer Is Fanatically Humane

  1. Tim – how can you claim any of this? Does it bother you at all that you take peoples hard earned money and NEVER honor your commitment? People like me hire you because we love our pet and we want to have a long happy relationship with them. I told you how worried i was because Russell was going to be big. With my bad back i needed to make sure i could control him. You assured me that you could help. You took my money and after 2 of our 6 trainings you refused to return my calls, emails and texts. You never responded to the BBB either.

    How can you claim to love dogs and then ignore people that have paid youvto help them.

    Shame On You.

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