Dog Help For Military Families

Free Dog Training to Families of Deployed Service Men - Temecula Dog Trainer

United States K9 Mascot, WWI

Temecula Dog Trainer Offers Free Dog Training to Families of Deployed Service Men in Iraq 

 TEMECULA, CA – February 16, 2010 – Dog Pro Inc. a Southern California dog training company today announced the launch of their new program designed to give back to the families of servicemen currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This program will provide a free obedience lesson to spouses of servicemen who have dogs.  Southern California is home to a large poulation of military personnel and an especially high number of Marines.  With Marine Corps deployments to Afghanistan increasing there will undoubtedly be a significant number of families needing support in a variety of ways and Dog Pro is interested in applying their expertise to this cause.

“As a former marine myself and having a brother currently serving in the United States Marine Corp and a retired naval officer for a dad, I understand firsthand the stress that a deployment can cause on a family.  When a spouse is deployed all their day-to-day family responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the spouse at home.  That includes caring for and dealing with the family dog who may have some behavior issues that make life even more stressful.” says Tim Church, owner and operator of Dog Pro Inc. “If I can give back a small portion of what these men and women do for our country then I’m happy to give back.  I feel honored to be able to do this for them.”

About Dog Pro Inc. 

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