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Dog Protects Home…Tears Off Police Car Bumper

Temecula Dog Trainer - Dogs In The News - Winston, American Bulldog

Winston the American Bulldog, destroyer of police car bumpers.

An American Bulldog named Winston was ordered to attend obedience school as a result of his run in with a Chattanooga City Police Car. Apparently Winston become alarmed when a vehicle other than his owners arrived on his property. Winston determined that a defense against the intruders was necessary and he proceeded to attack the police cars bumper.

As the video from another police car dashcam clearly recorded, Winston takes his role as family and property defender very seriously. Within in minutes he had torn the front bumper completely off and had nullified all attempts by the driver to prevent the destruction. Fortunately the police officer behind the wheel showed tremendous restraint and avoided harming Winston.

According to his owners Winston has never been in trouble before. Hopefully Winston and his owner will learn alot from the obedience and canine good citizen program they are enrolled in and Winston can avoid any further encounters with the law.

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To view the video of Winstons police car bumper demolition CLICK HERE of follow the link below:


Lucky Dog Saved After Chilean Quake

Dog Rescued After Quake - Temecula Dog Trainer - Dogs In The News

A lucky Chilean dog was pulled from a collapsed house after a massive earthquake struck the South American Country.


Goodbye Daddy…You Will Be Missed!
After 16 years as Cesar Milan’s faithful companion, Daddy the pit bull died on February 19, 2010.  Daddy was a terrific example of what a pit bull is capable of being.  His calm and gentle demeanor helped Cesar in the training of countless dogs.  Our prayers and thoughts are with Cesar and his family during this tough time.  Daddy was a great dog and he’ll be missed very much.

Daddy the pit bull - Cesar the Dog Whisperer

Daddy, 1994 - 2010

To honor Daddy’s legacy, the Daddy’s Emergency Animal Rescue (DEAR) Fund has been established by the Cesar and Ilusion Milan Foundation.  The DEAR Fund will provide assistance to dogs who are victims of abuse or violence, man-made disasters(hoarder and puppy mill resuces), and large scale natural disasters(hurricanes, fires and other natural catastrophes).

Click HERE to contribute to Daddy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Fund.


Angel the hero dog - temecula dog trainer - Dog Pro

Angel after being attacked by the cougar.

Angel is an 18-month-old female Golden Retriever and she’s the embodiment of courage and faithfulness.  Angel’s courage and faithfulness was on full display when her young owner, 11-year-old Austin Forman of British Columbia, was attacked by a cougar while collecting firewood in his backyard.  Angel took a page straight out of ‘Old Yeller’s’ book by putting herself between the cougar and her young friend.  Austin was gathering firewood for his family when he was ambushed by the cougar.  Angel intercepted the cougar by jumping over a lawnmower and sinking her teeth into the big cat before it could get to Austin. 

As great a dog as Angel is, and she’s definitely a GREAT dog, there are many more stories about dogs risking their life for their owner.  It just goes to show you what amazing animals dogs really are and why they’re considered ‘man’s best friend’.  Angel certainly proved to be Austin’s best friend when that cougar paid them a visit. 

Check out the story of Angel and cougar…you’ll be glad you did.



Thankfully Angel has made a full recovery and has resumed the happy life of an 11-year-old boys faithful companion.
Angel the dog - Temecula dog trainer - Dog Pro

Angel on a day without cougars.

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