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Dog Pro obedience training is customized to fit the needs of the owner and the personality of the individual dog.  Dogs in our training program respond reflexively to their owners commands.  That means no hesitation, when a command is given the dog responds , automatically.  Whether using voice commands or hand signals, dogs that train with Dog Pro consistently, and under heavy distraction, respond to the first command that is given.  One command, one response…that’s our standard.

Our Methods and Philosophy

The responsiveness developed through the Dog Pro In-Home Training Program doesn’t just apply to obedience commands, but to every area of interaction between the dog and its owner.  Obedience opens the door to communication and allows us to isolate behavior problems and correct them.  So, in addition to developing an obedient dog you will also be able to correct ALL of your dogs problem behaviors.  What good is it to have a dog that will sit and stay, but which also chews the furniture while you are at work?

At Dog Pro we’re not just concerned about how a dog responds to commands, but also why the dog is responding.  The most effective dog training is always based on the relationship between the owner and the dog.  We also know that every dog is different, and the training is customized in order to generate the best possible response from the dog.  We evaluate each dog to determine what it’s going to take to motivate them to an extent that they will learn and please their owner.

In-Home Training Program – This course is conducted in the owners home and consists of 6 private lessons.  Each lesson is 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.  The program includes:

  • Obedience commands such as: Heel-Sit-Stay, Down-Stay-Sit-Stay, Come-Sit-Stay and Finish Heel-Sit-Stay.
  • Verbal Commands
  • Hand Signals
  • On and Off Leash
  • Focus on developing the owners ability as a handler and as the best trainer for their dog.
  • Behavior Modification/Problem Solving; All problem behaviors will be addressed during In-Home training.  Problem behavior examples; chewing, jumping, mouthing, biting, aggression, separation anxiety, house breaking, digging, excessive barking, destructiveness, etc.

Dog Pro In-Home Training = Private, Customized, Reality Based, Guaranteed Results, Zero Risk

After training more than 3,500 dogs over the past 19 years Tim Church knows how to get results.  Dog owners all over Temecula, Murrieta and San Diego have seen their dogs transformed and their own dog knowledge and handling skills grow tremendously after taking the Dog Pro In-Home Training Program.  It starts with a FREE no obligation evaluation.  Tim will schedule a time that is convenient for you to come to your home and evaluate your dog and assess your situation.  This gives you a perfect opportunity to ask questions and get to know Tim before making a decision regarding who you will trust with training you and your dog.

Schedule your FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation today by calling Dog Pro at 951-501-9244.