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Private Obedience Training Temecula

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When it comes to your dog, any training is better than no training.  However, there’s no need to settle for an ineffective dog training program.  Temecula dog owners have a variety of dog training options available to them.  By far the two most popular types of dog training are Group Training and In-home Training.

At first glance group training would appear to be a terrific option since you and your dog would be working together learning commands and the dog would get the added benefit of being socialized with dogs and people.  However, it’s those supposed “added benefits” that make group training the least effective option when training a previously untrained dog.

Starting a training program in a new environment, with strange dogs and unfamiliar people makes it extremely difficult for the new dog to learn quickly.  It also makes training the dog very stressful and frustrating for the owner, which is why most group classes suffer from a tremendous drop out rate.


“I took our Weimeraner ‘Spotter’ to two different group training classes before starting private in-home training with Tim Church at Dog Pro.  The first group class was at one of the pet superstores and the second was with a local dog training company.  Both were very ineffective at getting ‘Spotter’ on track and unfortunately I received no individual assistance.  Spotter and I learned more after one lesson in the in-home dog training program with Dog Pro than during all of our group training combined.  After two lessons spotter was a different dog!  The individual attention and personalization definitely made in-home training with Dog Pro the right option for us.”

Tamara H. – Temecula, CA


The most effective dog training program available to Temecula residents is private training conducted in the dog owners home.  The in-home dog training program offered by Dog Pro provides the owner and their dog one-on-one attention and the training is customized to fit the needs of the owner and the specific personality of the dogIn-home dog training also allows Dog Pro’s owner/trainer, Tim Church, to create a list and detailed analysis of all the behavior problems a dog has.  This allows Tim to concentrate the training in the environment in which the problems exist and systematically correct challenges with the dogs behavior.

Private dog training conducted at your home also facilitates a context which is much more effective for teaching on and off leash obedience.  Tim is able to work with the owner to quickly and effeciently teach the dog and, just as importantly, spend quality time developing the owners handling skills.  Teaching the owner how dogs learn, what motivates their particular dog, as well as proper timing and handling technique are critical to the long term success and happiness of the dog and owner.

The Dog Pro In-home Dog Training program doesn’t end with lessons in the home.  Once the dog and owner are well trained, they then begin group classes with others who have also completed the private in-home training program.  At this point the dog/owner team can utilize the distractions provided by the new environment, people and dogs to fine tune their skills.  It also allows for socialization and interaction with people and dogs that the owner can be confident are responsible and well-trained.

The Dog Pro In-home Training Program offers the most effective, personalized and well-rounded dog training program in the Temecula area.  Take the first step towards a well-behaved and well-trained dog today, schedule a FREE, no obligation evaluation for your dog by calling Tim at Dog Pro, 951-501-9244.  Call today and find out why the best choice for Temecula dog owners is Dog Pro.