Temecula Dog Training Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been this community’s good fortune to have Tim Church available as a professional dog trainer.  I called Dog Pro, Inc. for help in training my adult Labrador Retriever named ‘Boss’.  Tim came to our home and trained both Boss, my family and I.  We learned a great deal and Tim did a terrific job of turning us into effective trainers for our dog.

When we started Boss had no manners, jumped all over people, pulled all over the place when he was on leash, chewed everything from shoes to books to furniture, dug huge holes in our backyard and was basically a maniac.  After finishing in-home training with Dog Pro I can proudly say that Boss has been cured of ALL his previous problems and his manners are perfect.  On top of all that we only have to give Boss one command and he obeys instantly!

The best part is that he is as happy as ever and is actually more affectionate since finishing the training.  I wouldn’t have believed it was possible if I hadn’t seen it all with my own eyes.  My friends actually thought that we had traded Boss and got a new dog.  It really is a miracle!

Tim was wonderful to work with.  His knowledge about dogs seemed unending, he always explained things in a way we could understand, had great patience with us and he genuinely loved working with our dog and us.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful our training experience with Tim has been.  If you need a dog trainer Dog Pro is your best choice.  Highly recommend!


Rebecca Timmett

Temecula, CA


I am presently a Police K-9 handler with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department.  My K-9 partner Rambo and I graduated at the top of our class from the Police Service Dog Academy.  However, Rambo was still having difficulty tracking suspects in a real time scenario.  Tracking suspects in is very challenging when you consider that one minute you may be in an urban setting and the next you’re faced with rough terrain and heavily wooded land that can go on for miles.  I needed help and contacted Tim Church for his assistance with our tracking issues.

I had seen numerous dog teams that had been trained by Tim, as well as the work he had done as the training officer for the K-9 Search and Rescue of Southern Maryland, and was confident that he could help Rambo and I.  After training with Tim I am happy to say that my partner, K-9 Rambo, is now the finest tracking dog on the department.

On behalf of myself, the department, K-9 Rambo and our community, I’d like to say “Thank You” to Tim for his hard work and expertise.  It won’t be forgotten!


Andrew J. Cusick, PFC

St. Mary’s County Sheriffs Department


Dear Sirs,

Never before had I enjoyed a dog as much as I have since getting involved into this intensive training of personal protection.  And we, my German Shepherd Dog ‘Shirley Mae’ and I, had the best trainer for this, Tim Church.

Tim’s knowledge as a dog trainer has filled gaps and left no upcoming question open, and there were always lots of them.  He always took time to talk problems over, advising me with freat sensitivity to Shirley’s individual needs.

Tim’s pleasant personality and spirit and joy in his work were very inspiring to my dog and me and our common work.  As a native of Germany I have been raised with working dogs about and around lots of trainers.  I’ve never seen anyone who can think with the mind of the dog as Tim can.  It was really amazing to see how Shirley could become such a great dog with Tim’s help.

The field training was a great fun.  Tim really knows how to create different situations in order to achieve a single goal, always studying the dogs behavior and being aware of her unique personality.

Shirley Mae and me have enjoyed the training with Tim very much.  Tim taught us to grow as a team, and me to take good leadership.  Understanding my dog has led to a sincere appreciation for her.

“Thank you Tim, we will miss you.  We won’t forget you and what you taught us.”

“Our very best wishes to you.”

Abigail Floto & Shirley Mae

Spring Valley, CA


Dear Tim,

Thank you very much for your help training my dog, Rusty, to respond to on and off leash commands.  Before I brought my dog to you he would not even respond to his name.  It would take a long time to capture him and bring him home after he escaped from our yard.  What really scared me was when we lost him on our vacation in Montana.  Lucky for us a neighbor found him in the woods after three days.  The sorrow this caused my family was what motivated me to enroll my dog in your obedience training course.

After your in-home obedience program my dog rusty is as different as night and day.  Rusty will now heel, sit, stay, down, come when called, and walk all over our neighborhood off leash.  Even when distracted by other dogs obey commands and actually come to me.  That spells success!  Your expert instruction and advice really helped me, as well as your encouragement.  I’m very pleased with how my dog progressed.

Tanya Smith

Temecula, CA