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Temecula Protection Dog Training

Protection Dog Training Temecula, CA - German Shepherd

Dog Pro, Inc., offers the area’s finest protection dog training program via the Elite Guardian Protection Dog System.  The Elite Guardian Protection Dog System will teach your dog the skills needed to protect you, your family and your property.  Why live in fear when you can have an Elite Guardian at your side 24 hours a day?

This unique system of training was developed to provide an exceptional level of protection for today’s families.  While the Elite Guardian system will create in your dog an unparalleled security tool, we never forget that your dog is first and foremost a valued family member.  As such, it they must be able to safely interact with people in whatever environment you find yourself.

Imagine owning a dog that you know will always protect you and your family!

To ensure security and total control at all times, your dog will be trained using techniques that have been continually fine tuned for more than 60 years.  Our extensive use of situational training makes us different from other training facilities in the private sector.  The Elite Guardian system uses techniques that surpass those of law enforcement agencies, where life threatening situations are commonplace.

Put some teeth in your security!  Don’t let your family become another victim of this country’s growing crime problem.

If you think just owning a dog will automatically provide security and protection, you’re gambling with your family’s safety.

Elite Guardian Protection Dog System Levels 1 – 5

Level 1 – this level will enable your dog to respond aggressively to a threat by barking and growling.  These skills will allow a dog to protect you by utilizing threat display.  This level gives the owner protection on command without the dog having to make physical contact with the threat.

Level 2 – In level 2 the dog’s response to a threat will now be two-edged, offering both a psychological and physical deterrent.  The physical deterrent offered by the dog will be controlled by introducing Bite, Hold and Release commands.  At this level each dog is throughly tested to ensure that no amount of pressure from the threat will cause the will cause the dog to cease its protective actions.  Having developed both threat display and the necessary physical skills, dogs at this level are fully prepared to deal with a single threat or multiple attackers.  Vehicle protection is an additional skill that is taught in this course.  This training provides a tremendous deterrent to carjacking and auto theft.

Level 3 – In this level we expand the dogs abilities to include protection of property.  Because our goal is to develop the most well-rounded protector possible, we not only test the dog against aggressors but “friendly” threats as well.  We also include poison proofing at this level to ensure that the dog cannot be bribed into lowering its defenses or taking food which might be contaminated.

Level 4 – The ‘Active Home Search and Apprehension’ is introduced at this level.  In this phase of training we combine the dogs protection skills with its outstanding senses to detect the presence of any unwanted individuals in your home.  By tapping into a dogs incredible olfactory abilities we will train your dog to locate an intruder in your home.  Once detected, the intruder will then be subdued by the dog until they no longer poresent a threat, or until the authorities arrive.

Level 5 – This level of training enables tyhe owner to eliminate a threat from a distance.  This will be accomplished by sending the dog in pursuit of the threat.  A situations that might warrant this type of action is protecting a child from a potential abductor.  Since the dog can cover ground far faster than a human they are a perfect tool for you to be able to “reach out and touch” someone who means to do you or a loved one harm.

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